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IT Services

We are registered HP, HPE, MICROSOFT partners and registered Microsoft SPLA member, partner for Ekahau wireless design tool, Bullguard distributor.

Throughout the years, we offer professional IT services to our clients.
1. System Integration

Looking for additional IT vendor services other than just a rental solution? Call us! We offer the system integration services as well. For your corporate need in:
  • Server Deployment
  • Migration
  • ONLINE Provisioning
  • Networking (Wired and Wireless)
  • Other Office Equipment
  • Internet Security and Antivirus
We are your one stop solutions centre.
2. Quality Cost Effective Hardware Rental Solution with Up to 40% Saving

PC and laptop Rental service is our main core business since 2001!

Whether you want just for a short-term usage or a long-term rental plan, we have the perfect solutions for you. We provide flexible rental plans from just 1 day rental to a comprehensive long-term rental package.

We offer quality refurbished product mixtures with brand new offerings to satisfy our clients' advanced technological requirements while keeping the capital expenditure to the lowest level ever. Our packages have helped our clients save up to 40% of their hardware procurement expenditure.

Whether it is in terms of outright purchase or a long-term rental solution (with or without a buy-over option), we have the perfect solution for our clients.

The MAIN benefits of rental:
  1. Rental helps you to preserve your capital and helps to improve your sales to working capital performance
  2. Satisfy your short-term urgent needs
  3. Improve your cash flow
  4. Help to reduce your credit gearing ratio and improve your Debt Servicing Ratio
  5. One-stop solution with maintenance support
  6. Rental expenses are tax-deductible and you get to reduce your tax
  7. Rent-to-use program helps you to manage your company's technological environment up-to-date

Our refurbished PCs or notebooks are of high quality with the following features:
  • Genuine software
  • Fully tested detailed hardware condition
  • 100% healthy hard disk
  • Upgraded to higher memory spec
  • Upgraded to higher storage with TB drive or SSD drive for speedier performance
  • Non-scratch surface for we respray the surface professionally
  • Reasonable cost with all the upgrades and our support services
3. Asset Management for your Hardware and Software

Managing assets which counts by the hundreds or thousands can be a big headache. TH IT is partnering with Ivanti in offering a comprehensive hardware and software asset management which include among other important features:
  • Asset Discovery
  • License Management
  • Patch Management
  • Software Deployment
  • Data Security Control
  • Policy Implementation and Control
With this software implemented in the whole fleet of asset, all IT asset information can be gathered and managed from our host terminal or from customer's own office. The great benefit of this is reduced manpower, complete information at fingertips, fast deployment of patches and software, easily roll out companywide policy and security program.
4. Asset Tagging

Asset tagging is part and parcel of asset management scope. We offer different quality asset tags to meet different requirement by our clients. All our asset tags are customizable and can be ordered in various small to big quantity
Metal Asset Tags
  • AlumiGuard
  • PlioGuard
  • FoilGuard
Plastic Asset Labels
  • PermaGuard (Premium)
  • EconoGuard (Economy)
Temper Proof Asset Labels
  • StealGuard Void Asset Label
  • SecuriGuard Destructible Asset Labels
Multiparts Asset Label
2D Barcode Asset Tags
QR Asset Tags
Stock Asset Tags
5. Ekahau Wireless Wifi Network Design and Troubleshooting

We are not only prtner to Ekahau in terms of promoting Ekahau product sales but we are also providing professional wifi network design and troubleshooting services.

Ekahau is the world’s best tool in designing the latest wifi network be it for small wifi office or large complexes such as airport, stadium, lecture hall, shopping complex etc.

 Wifi network is first design using Ekahau Pro on the computer and the extend of wifi coverage is seen as heatmap designed according to client’s requirement. All parameters such as network health, capacity health, interference, noise level, device per AP, airtime utilization and many other network parameters will be examined and presented in a professional report before implementation.

Ekahau sidekick is a portable spectrum analyzer which we use to help scan the wifi environment, identify the source of the wifi signal and their current coverage, with this capability, we could help our client to identify potential problem areas and rectify the problem.
6. Asset Buyback Guarantee and Disposal

With the Buy Back Guarantee Option purchase, our clients have the flexibility to manage their hardware depending on their company's up-sizing or down-sizing requirements. This scheme entitles our customers to sell back the product within a period of 13 months to 48 months to TH IT with a guaranteed purchase value, thus eliminating obsolescence and wastage.

As our mission is to help create a cleaner environment, our solution includes an E-waste management program.

We are backed by a professional e-waste management company to help our clients manage their e-waste in a proper and professional manner, thus contributing to a cleaner environment.

Our professional e-waste management partner is Shan Poornam Metal Sdn Bhd. We will channel our client's e-waste to this highly accredited environment-friendly company for processing.