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Sales or short- and long-term rental of EBA shredder machine available from TH IT.
We are authorized reseller for EBA shredder.

Type of shredding machine:

Generally each model listed below has two type of shredding methods:

1) Strip cut
2) Cross cut

1) Strip cut - 
The strip-cut is a basic cut style that produces spaghetti-like strands. This is the lowest level security cut style and is best used for shredding day-to-day junk mail and paperwork containing expired or non-sensitive information.

2) Cross cut - Cross-cut shredders have two sets of blades, which shred paper both lengthwise and widthwise. This cut style reduces the shredded paper into small pieces instead of long strips. Cross cut shredder provides better security than strip cut, this type of shredder has different cut sizes that gives different type of security level.

For highest security level, customer can consider to go for shredder with Micro Cut technology

3) Micro cut - Designed to shred confidential business documents that contain financial, strategic and/or sensitive personal information, this shred style is perfect for financial groups, law firms, medical practices, and accounting firms. This cut style produces even smaller shredded pieces than super cross-cut, cutting paper into tiny bits.