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Rental Scheme

Computer, notebook and all other IT equipment rental

See our products available for RENT

Established since 1999, TH IT is specialized in providing rental services for a wide range of IT equipment. Be it notebook, PC, printer, server, projector, networking equipment, we have a wide range of product available for rent. Our rental service covers short term from daily rental, weekly and monthly to a maximum length of 3 years.

Reasons to rent

There are many reasons why companies want to rent, such as for training, exhibition, event, project, temporary headcount, testing, proof of concept, migration, disaster recovery, business continuity and many other reasons.

Financially, companies also see a lot of financial benefit with rental, better cash flow solution or tax purpose, the acquisition can be turned into a long term rental solution. 

Capex saving up to 40%

With the new direction in going into quality refurbished laptop and PC, TH IT is offering a very attractive package for corporate to cut down cost. A combination of quality refurbished product and brand new item could help a company cut down capital expenditure by about 30 to 40%.

Rental period

We rent from a min of 1 day to a maximum of 3 years, you can order your product for any rental period in between.

Any rental period which is 1 year and below is considered short term rental. Long term rental can be either rent-to-use or rent-to-own.

Rental rate

Our rental rate varies depending on the rental period and quantity. Please call us at +603-80217599 or email to inquiry@th-it.com to get a quote for your corporate rate or for your intended rent duration. Any rental rate quoted is for the rental period quoted only and it varies for different rental period.

Support and maintenance

All products rented from us will be fully supported and maintained by us. We maintain a team of well trained technical staff to provide the necessary support. Subject to stock availability, any faulty product may be given a replacement immediately or at least an equivalent unit.

Lost and accidental damage

All products rented on short term basis will not be covered by any insurance. Customer is required to take full responsibility of the product rented. In case of any accidental damage or lost of the product or its accessories, customer is required to make good the damage or compensate TH IT.

Software licensing

TH IT  commits to rent out all IT products compliance to the licensing requirement. We are a Microsoft SPLA registered service provider hence we have the right to rent out products preloaded with Microsoft products and impose a rental fee on the product preinstalled.

Buy back guarantee scheme

For project with tenure of about 12 months, TH IT has now created another attractive option for our customer. Instead of renting straight for 12 months, customer can now opt for buy first and get a guarantee from TH IT that those purchased equipment will be bought back by TH IT after 12 months at a guaranteed value. The advantage for the customer is very obvious, should the project extended, they have no worry of any further capital expenditure, however if the project discontinue, they could opt to sell back to TH IT under the Buyback Guarantee Scheme. Thus a most optimum financial decision.


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