training room seminar setup
training room class view full set up
training room class view
training room tea break area
Running your training program at TH IT's resource
centre can never be so
Running your training program at TH IT's resource centre
can be arranged easily with just a phone call. Customer can

1. Just rent the training room only
2. Rent also TH IT's wide range of computer, notebook etc.
3. Optionally request for lunch catering
All training room rental can be
arranged with our friendly and
cheerful administrator, Ms. Nurul
will be well arranged.
You can choose a  
theatre style set up

class room style set up.
Nice and cozy environment for the
participants to sit back and relax while
waiting for others and for the program
to start.
Tea break is usually get ready while the class is
going on. TH IT prepares its tea break following its
RULE NO. 1:"No matter how long is your
training, we shall not repeat any snack served!
During tea break or lunch time,
participants can sit comfortably chit
chatting excitedly about what they
have learnt!
Every tea break, every snack, is solely
selected from reputable stall. Usually,
we serve a wide variety of different
Every tea break, 3 different type of
snacks will be served. Like previously
mentioned, non of the snack will be
served more than 1 time for every
Snacks are purchased usually early in
the morning and we normally will try to
provide a balance menu whereby the
tea break will be always suitable for
every age group.
Here are just some of the snacks
shown. Usually 1 type of fruit will be
served in the afternoon break.
Nasi Beriani
Here is your 3 easy steps:
Book your room for your training.
Deliver your program.
We prepare for your break & lunch
training room cozy environment
free internet browsing terminal
training room lunch break
Participants from FLE (M) Sdn Bhd
gather for a photo session. They are
pleased with the facilities provided.
training room  participants from fle m sdn bhd
training room ss15 lunch break
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training room rental
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lynn cafe ss15 subang jaya
FREE internet browsing terminals are
also available. TH IT currently
subscribes to TM NET UNIFI 10 Mbps.
Wi-Fi is also made available within the
Lunch catering service. All our food is usually
catered by either Lynn's Cafe or by Restaurant
Cili Padi, which is just opposite. So you can be
sure that our food is