About Our Business

TH IT Resource Centre Sdn Bhd, (TH IT) specializes in providing rental
services in the information technology field.

Starting as a sole proprietorship in August 1999, TH IT's business
concept has evolved from simply providing PC rental, to an integrated
rental solutions provider. Be it hardware, facilities, business, technical,
or transportation support, we have the resources to cater to your

Computer and other IT equipment rental
Our rental hardware is the most up-to-date equipment available. Be it a
PC, server, laser printer, projector, networking equipment, or audio
visual products—we have them available in stock.

Our rental hardware is brand-neutral; we stock hardware from a variety
of famous names such as: Compaq, HP, IBM, Dell, Epson, NEC, Sanyo,
Sun, etc. We also have our own brand, TH IT Computer, which is
available for rent. In adhering to our strict product quality policy, only
the best components with reputable quality are used. The attached
hardware list shows our current available models for immediate rental.
Our web-site, http://www.th-it.com will always have an update about
the services and equipment models available for rent from us.

Quality Assured
As a professional rental company, we emphasize on both the product
and service quality we provide. We have set up strict quality control
procedures for the preparation of equipment going out for rental, as
well as coming back from our customer. One of the most important rules
we follow is all hard disk are formatted after each rental, ensuring not
only all the equipment is in good working condition, but securing our
customers’ working environment and data as well.

Transportation Support
Rather than rely on an outside vendor to transport our equipment, we
have our own transport vehicle to immediately respond to our
customers’ needs. Although the traffic in town is always very busy, we
always deliver on time for all prearranged rentals. In TH IT, all technical
staff—ranging from the managing director to the technicians—are
required to possess a commercial-vehicle driving license so that
everyone can immediately deliver our customers’ orders.
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