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Frequently asked question about our rental services.
1. What is the rental period?
Minimum rent period is 1 day and customer can specify any rent period on daily, weekly or monthly basis and any other
specific rent period. Maximum rent period is 3 years.
2.  What is the minimum rent quantity?
Minimum rent quantity is 1 unit. There is not any maximum quantity set for any particular rental job. It all depends on the
job requirement and the customer's creditability.
3.  Rental rate is not published, how do I get a quote?
Because of the vast variation in rental requirement in terms of rent duration, quantity, specification of computer and
combination of equipment required, rental rate is not published. However, TH IT has a set of predefine guideline on rental
rate evaluation system and customer may request an official quote from TH IT.
4. What are the information required when I request for a quote?
Quantity, rent duration or rent period, specification of computer, notebook, printer or any other type of equipment.
5.  When I get a rental quote for 2 weeks, does that means 1 week rental is half of it?
NO. Generally the average cost of rental per day is lower for longer committed rent period. Every quote given is for the
rent duration specified only. Customer should call back TH IT to get a fresh quote for different rent duration.
6.  Is insurance provided on the rented equipment?
No. Generally insurance is not provided for equipment rented on site. Customer may arrange with their own insurance
company on Goods in Trust insurance.
7.  Are all the software loaded in the computers genuine?
Yes. TH IT follows strictly on the software licensing law and all softwares installed are authentic.   
8.  Can TH IT helps in transporting the rented equipment?
Yes. TH IT has its own line up of commercial vehicles for transporting equipment to customer's site. Our transportation
covers nationwide and oversea delivery. All our technical staff are required to take up commercial vehicles driving
license so everyone is also a commercial vehicle driver.
9.  Can I extend my rental?
Yes. Customer is advised to inform TH IT early before the rent expire date. This is just to make sure the rented computer
and others will not be committed to other customer.
10.  What is your quality program like?
Upon completion of every rental job, every computer, whether is pc, notebook or server, will be examined thoroughly for
their physical condition and functionality. Then after all hard disk will be reformatted and then the original OS is
reinstalled back. Some utility software like Adobe Acrobat Reader will be loaded.
11.  Can I install my own software?
Yes. Customer may install any legal software into the rented computer, repartition the hard disk, change any setting in
the computer or perform any other task as required by his application.
12.  Can TH IT deliver on Saturday or Sunday?
Yes. We understand customer's requirement to set up all computers before their program begins. For setting up
computers we normally propose to deliver and set up 1 day before just to make sure everything will run smoothly the
next day. Sometimes where site is available late night, we will still be able to accommodate without extra charge!
13.  How do I confirm my order?
Preferably we need an official Purchase Order from your company, under special urgent case, we will accept other forms
of confirmation such as fax, e-mail or even verbal. This however depends on customer's reputation, creditability and
relation with TH IT.
14.  How do I know my order is confirm and accepted by TH IT?
Effective 1 Oct 08, for every received order, TH IT will send out an email confirmation message to customer. The
message outline our order tracking no, delivery information, delivery schedule, collection schedule and detail of
equipment to be delivered.
Click here for a detail description on this email confirmation format.
do they understand how our rental business is run. Listed below is a list of frequently asked questions
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